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Focus Feedback Program

Thankyou for taking a moment to complete the following page. Your feedback and testimonial is an important part of the product development process. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority and with your feedback, Cascade Compounds will only make more effective products. Please understand that the testimonial statement could appear public facing on marketing excerpts or on the website and by completing this page and submitting you information you will provide express consent to allow Cascade Compounds the ability to use the collected information for marketing purposes, thankyou for your ongoing support. It is possible you will be provided a single use discount code for your participation to the Focus Feedback Program.

Focus Group Questions and Testimonial




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Which product did you try:
Rate product 1 - 5 stars
What did you like the most about the product?
What did you like the least about the product?
Would you try/buy again?
MSRP for SPORTPlus is $65 & THERAPlus is $150. How likley are you to purchase at MSRP?
Have you purchased simlar prodcut(s) or CBD products in the past?
Would you buy a product like this for yourself?
Would you buy a product like this for someone else?
Would you recommend this product?
Primary reason for using this product?
Thankyou for submitting! By submitting you understand that you give express consent to Cascade Compounds to use your provided submission for general public marketing purposes.
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